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GIF Hello and welcome to Arrien-en-Bethmale (France), commune of the Valley of Bethmale, in Central Pyrenees !

You will find here tourist information about the villages and the Valley of Bethmale. The commune offers you to rent a house for your holydays.

The remaining articles are not in English.

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How to come










* By car

From Saint-Girons (coming from Toulouse or Foix) :

- through Castillon (18 km), anytime :
follow D618, then D4 in direction of Castillon, and finally D17 to Bordes-sur-Lez

- through the Valley of Haut-Salat (43 km), during limited period (generally from May 1st to mid November) :
follow D618, then D3 in direction of Seix, and finally D17 via the Col de la Core which closes the Valley of Bethmale.

Download a route.


* By public transport

First you must arrive at the old train station at Saint-Girons.
You can get the bus from :
- Boussens (at the train station)
- Saint-Gaudens
- Toulouse (at the bus station, where you go from the International airport)
- Foix

From the train station, walk towards the roundabout and look for the pizzeria called le Chistera.
Here, you can get the bus to :
- Saint-Lary : stop at Castillon-en-Couserans (4 km distance to Arrien)
- Sentein : stop at the City Hall of Bordes-sur-Lez (2.5 km distance).

Download the timetable of the bus Sentein/Saint-Girons.


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The Valley and its villages


The Valley of Bethmale is one of the eighteen valleys of the Couserans, historical entity of the Ariège, France. Its dimensions : approximately 10 km long, relatively wide and north west - south east orientated. The mountains rise gradually to reach, on the left of the Col de la Core (1395 m high), Bouireix (1873 m high) and on the right, the peak of Balame (more than 2200 m high), which leads to higher peaks. The landscapes offer : meadows, forest and pastures (from down to up).


No village bears the name of Bethmale in the Valley. The commune of Arrien-en-Bethmale counts four villages, nestled on the sun exposed slopes, at an average of 700 m high : Arrien and Aret are located on D17 road, Villargein is higher, and Tournac at the edge of the Balamet brook. There are approximately 110 permanent inhabitants and many weekend and holidays residents.


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Arrien-en-Bethmale is inside Pyrénées Ariégeoises Regional Natural Park.

Many forest tracks and paths leave the villages in direction of the surrounding mountains (e.g. the reserve of Mont-Valier). Magnificent points of view wait you there.


The Lake of Bethmale (1060 m high) offers its pallet of colors which changes throughout the year. There is easy access by car. The path around the lake also provides user friendly reduced mobility paths and areas. There are also picnic areas and fishing facilities subject to terms and conditions of the fishing laws.


Whilst walking through the villages, you will be able to admire our remarkable church which is dedicated to Saint Michael, along with other traditional and patrimonial buildings (cross, statues, the old washing troughs, houses with their bread ovens and chimneys) and the stunning floral balconies dotted throughout.

Saint-Girons and Castillon-en Couserans Tourist offices are at your disposal for any additional information. Here you will be able to access further information concerning various excursions together with their suggested routes, and rent snow rakets.

More pictures…


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CAUTION : due to the short opening time of the City Hall and the lack of English speaking correspondant, if you only speak English, please only contact us by e-mail, you will get an answer as fast as possible. Thank you.

We hope to see you very soon !


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